About us

The translation agency CrossLingua is based in Ehrenfeld, Cologne. Our aim is to offer our clients high quality translations at fair prices.

CrossLingua — Crossing the Language Barrier.

Close to the customer, close to the text

Translations are a matter of trust. Selecting the right translator is therefore a major focus for us. We have been working together with a number of our freelance translators for years, and we utilise quality assurance processes and modern software to ensure that our translations satisfy the highest requirements. 

Communication and cooperation with our customers is particularly important to us. We clarify with you in advance what is important to you: Punctual delivery, specific layout requirements or the delivery format, or an additional proofreading service by a second translator for example. You can reach us at any time and we react swiftly to your inquiries.

Because our customers value us as a dependable point of contact for all types of translations, we are able to count numerous medium-sized as well as large internationally active companies among our satisfied customers.

Tobias Nikolajewski (Owner)

Tobias Nikolajewski worked for many years in the translation industry in the field of project management, prior to establishing CrossLingua. With this background he keeps a close eye on what is important to the customers, and how to optimise processes. He places a particular focus on the careful selection of translators. In doing so he keeps sight of the objective: An optimum translation for a satisfied customer.