With an eye for the detail:

Careful selection of translators and modern technology.


The quality of our translations is particularly important to us. In order to maintain this, our translators are required to fulfil high standards.

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Our principles

Diligent selection of translators: Our translations are produced exclusively by native speakers of the respective target language. Our translators generally live in the countries in which the target languages are spoken, and are familiar with the cultural and social peculiarities of the target language. We only work with specialist translators, who possess the requisite qualifications and training. Furthermore, we naturally also ensure that the translators are specialists in the respective field and possess the required expertise.

Modern translation technology: We use the latest software (so-called CAT tools) for our translations, in order to optimise the translation processes and translation results. For this purpose we thoroughly analyse the source text prior to translation, and check it for word repetitions. By generating a translation memory (TM) we are able to ensure that your texts are always translated consistently. These TMs can also be used for future translations, not only ensuring that uniform terminology is used in the translations, but sometimes also resulting in a reduced price for translations because passages that have already been translated do not require translation again.

The 4-eye principle: We always check the translations through carefully to ensure completeness, before sending them to you. On request it is also possible to have the translation proofread by a second, independent translator. 

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