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Specialist Fields

Our specialist translations are produced by translators who are experts in your specialist field, and who possess the requisite expertise together with the right terminology.

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Medical & pharmaceutics

In the sensitive fields of medicine & pharmaceutics the accuracy of the translation and compliance with the source text are of the utmost importance. Within the heavily regulated pharmaceutical market it is necessary to adhere to precise guidelines. This is also highly applicable to the use of the correct terminology. Furthermore, the translated text is frequently also required to undergo re-translation. It must therefore stay entirely true to the original text, whilst also sounding fluent in the target language.

The spectrum of medical translations is widely diverse. Our translators have mastered the medical nomenclature and possess the requisite medical knowledge with which to expertly translate your doctor's letter, op report, medical article in an industry publication, or operating manual for surgical equipment into another language.

We work for numerous globally active medical companies and medical engineering organisations, and deliver added value to these companies through our medical expertise coupled with leading-edge translation technology. Allow us to impress you!

We translate for you:

Certificates, patient information, documents for clinical trials, operating instructions for medical devices, scientific papers and much more besides.