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Specialist Fields

Our specialist translations are produced by translators who are experts in your specialist field, and who possess the requisite expertise together with the right terminology.

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Scientific exchange is on the increase worldwide. Although English is deemed the lingua franca of the natural and social sciences, engineering and humanities, fruitful scientific communication and cooperation between scientists still demands that research results be available to the researcher as a sound translation in their native language. Translations into the respective native language act to prevent misunderstandings and increase the chances of utilisation. Furthermore, there is no diminished comprehension of the complex scientific content.

Our translators are familiar with specialist scientific language. Their translations meet with the scientific criteria of the respective discipline and our translators immerse themselves in your lines of reasoning and accurately reproduce these in the target language. They take time to maintain and develop terminology in the target language, in order that this can be further applied as scientific language. Provide your sophisticated content with a sophisticated framework, which is linguistically fully deserving of your work!

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Scientific papers and reference books from a wide range of specialist scientific areas (e.g. natural sciences, history, religion & theology, psychology, sociology) and much more besides.

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